Rotary impacts our region.

Rotary Charities has invested over $58 million in over 1,300 grants to the five-county Grand Traverse region since 1977.

We envision a region where people are working together, sharing resources and negotiating differences in healthy ways toward building a thriving, prosperous and fair region.

Our Vision: A region that is fair, thriving and resilient.

Our Mission:┬áRotary Charities helps changemakers work better together to address our region’s complex problems and create community assets for all.

Our Values: We believe in truth, service, mutual benefit, goodwill, the dignity of the individual, diversity, collaboration, and innovation for the common good.

Our Grounding Beliefs:

  • Change is necessary when systems aren’t working for everyone
  • We need to look at issues and opportunities in context of the larger system in which they function
  • Complex problems can only be resolved by understanding root causes
  • Learning and adapting is necessary
  • To lead this work, we need people at all levels in all sectors that can change and grow
  • Connecting people to each other, experts, information and opportunities is essential to create change