Together we accomplish more.

To truly affect change and create a place where all people and ecosystems thrive, Rotary Charities champions the concept of working together across sectors and organizations toward common goals. To do this well, we need to collaborate in new and deeper ways.

The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park

Our region is known for its collaborative approaches, strong relationships and networks. In fact, last year, 77% of our grantees reported they made at least one new connection as a result of their grant during their grant period.

Beginning in 2015, Rotary Charities will begin to explore how we can learn, experiment and design approaches to collaborate more. We will ask network leaders to learn with us, bringing in a national expert in the field, June Holley.

Rotary Charities partners with NorthSky services to facilitate partnerships such as:

  • The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park
    • After a great public process “Brainstorming the Barns” identified the community’s wishes for a special property at the former state hospital grounds. In a process facilitated by NorthSky and partially funded by Rotary Charities, the Historic Barns and Botanic Garden, SEEDS, and the Community Garden continue to evolve into one of our region’s gems. Education, agriculture, art, and sustainable design are woven together at this historic site.
  • Child and Family Services/Third Level Crisis Center
    • When one of our region’s most trusted agencies was looking for opportunities to become more efficient and potentially merge, officials from Third Level Crisis Intervention Center hired NorthSky consultant Tim Ervin. With the help of Tim, Third Level surveyed possible organizations and found an ideal partner in Child and Family Services. With a grant from Rotary Charities, the merger was complete in less than a year and both entities are finding new ways to deliver a continuum of services to some of our most fragile populations.
  • Discovery Center Great Lakes