Rotary Charities recognizes the vital role of nonprofit organizations, partnerships and networks in maintaining our regional quality of life. We understand that in order to remain responsive to community needs, nonprofit organizations, partnerships and networks must regularly seek to strengthen their structure, operations and culture. To help nonprofits, partnerships and networks implement successful strategies for capacity building, Rotary Charities provides single year Capacity Building grants.


A proposal requesting support for Capacity Building must:

  • Be based on the gaps/needs identified through some kind of assessment process
  • Have measurable outcomes
  • Show support from the board


In order to apply for a Capacity Building Grant from Rotary Charities, a nonprofit organization must address the following:

  1. The applicant must have completed some kind of assessment that identified capacity gaps/needs.
  2. Single year organizational capacity building requests will be considered; the maximum amount of funding for single year grants is $100,000. The applicant can request no more than 50% of the total project cost. (There are no longer multi-year grants.)
  3. Identify one or two key action items to be addressed by Rotary Charities’ grant funds.

The following activities are examples of work that could be funded:

  1. Organizational development activities
  2. Staff positions that are critical to building organizational, financial or leadership capacity
  3. Collaboration, partnership or merger activities
  4. Recommended strategies as they relate to building capacity, effectiveness or efficiency

Please reference the Grant Guidelines Document for additional information.