It’s about more than money.

Unlocking Resources

Currently, Rotary Charities offers two programs designed to use our financial resources: the Rotary Fund at the Community Foundation at our Program Related Investment (PRI) Program.

The Rotary Fund at the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation
In partnership with the Grand Traverse Regional Community Foundation, Rotary Charities established a fund to encourage Rotariansgtrcf_logo and their Clubs to become philanthropists. Each Rotarian can match their nonprofit donations $1 for $1 up to $250 per year.  In addition, the Rotary Fund at the Community Foundation provides up to $3,000 per year to match regional Rotary Clubs’ service projects in our community and around the world.  In 2013, the Community Foundation provided $99,000 to encourage philanthropy.

Program Related Investments
Program Related Investments (PRI) is not a grant program, but qualified organizations may be eligible for loan guarantees or direct loans. PRI is jointly administered by Rotary Charities and Rotary Camps & Services. Click here for more information on PRI.

Leveraging Resources

Our grants are designed to leverage other funds; grantees must always provide matching funds. Last year, our grantees reported leveraging over $7 million as a result of our grants. That translates into over $4 for every $1 granted.

Attracting Resources

Rotary Charities has a long history of developing relationships with other funders, and with telling the great stories about our region to our colleagues across the state and country. As we become more mindful about the role we might play in attracting more resources to support our region, we are considering a number of vehicles, such as shared learning with other foundation boards and pooled funds to support innovation and collaboration.

Several times per year, funders from around our region meet to network and learn about best practices. In 2011, the regional funders group moved from learning to collaboratively funding the Bayfront Plan, granting more than $500,000 to the project and leveraging over $1.5 million to improve Clinch Park. In addition to participating locally with funders, Rotary Charities is also active in the Council of Michigan Foundations, the Michigan Land Use Funders, and the Great Lakes Funders.