Rotary Camps & Services Lists Property for Sale

Map of property for sale
A 40-acre and an 80-acre parcel comprise the 120-acre property

Vacant Land for Sale

Rotary Camps & Services (RC&S or Rotary for short) owns more than 1,700 acres in Grand Traverse and Leelanau Counties. It serves as a landowner and property manager for Camp Greilick (formerly Boy Scouts), Camp Sakakawea (Girl Scouts), East Creek Reserve, Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes, and the new Discovery Pier (former TCLP coal dock properties).

In 2000, RC&S acquired 120 acres to the south and east of Canterbury Woods. The property extends across Garfield Avenue in East Bay Township. We acquired our Canterbury Woods property as part of a land exchange with the State. We traded some property with a creek and wetlands that the State wanted for the Canterbury property, which is high and dry. While we appreciate that members of the public have enjoyed walking, biking, or otherwise appreciating our vacant property we never intended it to be a nature preserve or a park. It was always held as an asset — an investment property.

New Challenges

In 2017, RC&S faces new challenges. The Boy Scouts have relinquished Camp Greilick, and the Discovery Center & Pier will require significant capital improvements to achieve our goal of a preeminent waterfront destination. Liquidating this asset will help us meet these challenges.

Rotary has deed restrictions and conservation easements at all our properties, except the Canterbury property. We never restricted the Canterbury property when the State of Michigan did the land swap, because we have always treated it as an investment. We are looking to cash out now to support some of our other projects in the community.

Open to Alternatives

That does not mean that we are only interested in selling to a land developer. We gave the neighboring property owners notice of our intent to list the property for sale in an effort to be good neighbors and to be transparent in the process. (See: Letter to neighboring property owners.) We also wanted to give neighboring property owners the opportunity to pull together to purchase the property, if that is feasible.

Rotary is open to any win-win outcome. Some people have approached the Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy to find an alternative solution. We are certainly open to working with them and any neighbors who want to contribute to a winning solution.

You can make inquiries to our realtor, Doug Meteyer of Keller Williams (231) 947-8200 or John Noonan, RC&S Program Director at (231) 941-4010, ext 210.