Rotary Charities and Rotary Camps & Services Announce Retooling and New Staff


Rotary Charities and Rotary Camps & Services announced decisions by their boards to retool staffing to address the changing landscape for their organizations. Rotary Charities will add Leah Bagdon-McCallum as their newly created Director of Community Capacity and Evan Gray as the newly created Director of Organizational Capacity. Rotary Camps & Services will add John Noonan as the Program Director and Nick Killian as the Greilick Director.

“This staffing model will allow us to respond to emerging opportunities that align with our vision
for more substantial, transformational change through our grantmaking,” said Rotary Charities
Board Chair, Elaine Wood. “Prior to replacing two staff positions, Rotary Charities retooled its
model to be more in line with the systems change we are hoping to catalyze. Leah and Evan
bring unique skill sets that will help us build capacity in organizations, networks and communities. We are delighted to welcome them to our organization.”

Rotary Camps & Services Chair, Sharron Zimmerman, agreed. “With the addition of the waterfront to our Discovery property and the opportunities to manage our legacy property at Greilick, our organization will be uniquely positioned to leverage these community assets to have more impact in our region. John and Nick round out the Board and volunteer team to make great things happen for our community.” Rotary Camps & Service purchased the Discovery Pier property in May 2016. In December 2016, the Boy Scouts vacated a long term lease at Camp Greilick.




Leah Bagdon-McCallum

Leah Bagdon-McCallum, formerly with Senator Gary Peters office, has a background in community building and fund development. Leah grew up in the area and has strong ties here. Her position will focus on our
work in communities.




Evan Gray

Evan Gray moved to our region several years ago from Idaho, where he was an administrator for a year-round co-ed boarding school. His background is in consulting, experiential education, organizational
development and servant leadership. Evan’s position will focus on organizational and network capacity through grants and NorthSky, Rotary Charities’ capacity building program.




John Noonan

John Noonan has served as a project manager for the Discovery Center and Pier over the past year. He will assume a full-time position and oversee all the Rotary Camps properties.




Nick Killian


Killian, formerly a Camping Director for the Boy Scouts of America, will assume the newly created position of Director for the former Camp Greilick, now Greilick Outdoor Recreation & Education Center.