Rotary Club Meeting Notes, April 6, 2021
Mighty Mack Beers called the meeting to order and administered the pledge.
Sharon Zimmerman offered thoughts of gratitude and reflection. 
Mack announced that Rotarian Becca Binder had a baby, Banks Arthur Binder, on Feb. 22
Active Transfering Rotarian Ann Ralston was introduced by Awesome Allison Beers.  Ann is a consultant who "helps business leaders identify and overcome barriers to growth with a detective-like sense of curiosity, compassion, and cut-to-the-chase insights." Learn more at
Marlene Bevan reported that Rotary offices will be moving a the end of the month from the Chamber building to the Discovery Center. 

Connor Miller reported that Marky Newhouse won this year's bracket challenge. In second place was Lowell Gruman.
Mack also asked if everyone could make sure their Zoom screen name includes their full name, for attendance tracking purposes. Hover over yourself and click on the three dots to do so.
Matt McDonough is looking for information on any historical uses of the GOREC property that are NOT Boyscout camp-related. Email him at with info. 
Connor introduced the speaker, Kim Pontius. Kim is CEO of Aspire North, the artist formerly known as TAAR. Kim gave an excellent rundown of real estate conditions in our area. Some highlights:
  • With the advent of many new technologies and online services, the real estate industry is very much morphing from a transactional model to a tech model
  • A housing shortage and record low-interest rates have caused demand to skyrocket, pushing buyer competition to levels perhaps never seen before
  • Most homes are on the market for a matter of days, compared to weeks or many months in previous years
  • Most homes sold in February 2021 had at least four offers, many above ask
  • Millions of more homes are needed to meet nationwide demand, and hundreds (if not thousands) more in our region
  • Average and median home prices are up substantially over last year, and inventory is down
  • Farmland prices are also on the rise
  • No, nobody knows quite how long this surge will last.
  • Solutions include building more housing and inter-regional cooperation on housing initiatives 
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Rotary Foundation - Paul Harris Awards 
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4/2021 Rotary Foundation Statistics for the
Rotary Club of Traverse City:
Every Rotarian Every Year – 100/218 = 46%
Sustaining Rotarians ($100 yr) – 32/218 = 15%
Paul Harris Society Members ($1000 yr) – 4/218 = 2%
Paul Harris Fellows - 127/218 = 58%
Alfonso, BonniePHF
Allen, MauricePHF
Anderson, TonyPHF
Arnold, Garrett WPHF
Beers, AllisonPHF
Bensley, Thomas JPHF
Black, David JPHF
Blick, RuthPHF
Cooney, Robert AllenPHF
Cosgrove, Thomas APHF
Dennis, MauricePHF
Dobbyn, JimPHF
Eckhoff, MarkPHF
Feeney, H. VernePHF
Fraser, Donald L.PHF
Gauthier, VernPHF
Hardy, Scott C.PHF
Haskin, StevePHF
Hess, DeAnnaPHF
Hoffmann, ArthurPHF
Johnson, H WendellPHF
Jonkhoff, Daniel A.PHF
Juett, AlexisPHF
Kern, Thomas J.PHF
Kraus, SusanPHF
Larsen, Monica A.PHF
Lemcool, Herbert W.PHF
Marentette, BenjaminPHF
McKinney, John C.PHF
Meindertsma, MikePHF
Meteyer, R. DouglasPHF
Miller, ConnorPHF
Moon, Lynne C. C.PHF
Myers, WilliamPHF
Parker, Patrick JosephPHF
Pascoe, Richard L.PHF
Paulson, ThomPHF
Petzold, ThomasPHF
Pleva, RamonaPHF
Rivers-Cochran, Julie AnnPHF
Roddy, John DavidPHF
Rubin, BernardPHF
Ruzak, CynthiaPHF
Schmeltzer, LoriPHF
Schultz, Richard C.PHF
Scott, John AlfredPHF
Shoskey, William R.PHF
Snow, Jeanne V.PHF
Soffredine, RalphPHF
Soltysiak, Autumn ChalkerPHF
Stow, Robert C.PHF
Strom, Peter M.PHF
Takano, SakuraPHF
Tate, TimPHF
Tkach, TrevorPHF
Torrey, Lee WalterPHF
Weaver, Carla L.PHF
Wendel, Heidi M.PHF
Wills, Michael WarrenPHF
Zelinski, AlanPHF
Zimmer, NancyPHF
Zimmer, Ronald T. T.PHF
Bogley, Gilbert A.PHF+1
Buday, MichaelPHF+1
Cartwright, William HPHF+1
Caruso, MichaelPHF+1
Chilcote, DalePHF+1
Colburn, MartinPHF+1
Dancer, MarkPHF+1
Dean, Jr., RobertPHF+1
Ewing, RebeccaPHF+1
Ford, DavidPHF+1
Haase, ThomasPHF+1
Heintz, PatrickPHF+1
Hickman, JeffreyPHF+1
Hooper, Walter J.PHF+1
Kamps, Randall A.PHF+1
Lammers, III, Sidney G.PHF+1
Lovell, Rob RolandPHF+1
Minervini, Marsha M.PHF+1
Mittelberger, RalphPHF+1
Morris, Paul L.PHF+1
Musson, Kenneth H.PHF+1
Ness, EdwinPHF+1
Newhouse, Mark A.PHF+1
Noonan, JohnPHF+1
Nye, Homer E.PHF+1
Olson, K JohnPHF+1
Osborne, KennethPHF+1
Racine, Jr., John PPHF+1
Rogers, W BrucePHF+1
Rosi, Philip R.PHF+1
Sobkowski, NikkiPHF+1
Tasch, Gary EPHF+1
Van Slyke, SidneyPHF+1
Weaver, Kennard R.PHF+1
Wood, Elaine C.PHF+1
Zimmerman, Sharron H. L.PHF+1
Beers, LorrainePHF+2
Bevan, Marlene APHF+2
Biederman, RossPHF+2
Fitzgerald, Marilyn AnnPHF+2
Hall, John C.PHF+2
Jackson, T. MichaelPHF+2
Karczewski, Elizabeth N.PHF+2
LaPorte, Paul J.PHF+2
Muha, Joseph JPHF+2
Muth, DennisPHF+2
Nyberg, KurtPHF+2
Peet, HenryPHF+2
Schmuckal, PaulPHF+2
Schroth, Wallace BPHF+2
Smith, MarshaPHF+2
Sutherland, PaulPHF+2
Burden, Timothy K.PHF+3
Pentilla, RoyPHF+3
Powell, George M. M.PHF+3
Rollert, E DavidPHF+3
Childs, K. RossPHF+4
Ralston, Ann PalmerPHF+4
Portenga, Robert SPHF+5
Marvin, David E. S.PHF+6
Witkop, Robert H.PHF+7
Beers, Richard MPHF+8
Bonney, Alfred S.PHF+8
Breadon, Donald RPHF+8
Rivard, KurtPHF+8
A Requests For Your GO•REC Stories
GO•REC needs your urgent help documenting the history activity at the Camp Greilick property. In particular, we are looking to document any non-camp-related day use (no overnight stay).  We know that there is a rich history of many family and community activities that have occurred at Camp Greilick.  While we encourage and appreciate your stories a simple list will also serve our purpose.
Please contact Matt McDonough 
Thanks in advance,
Jamie Lewis Hedges
Director GO•REC
For: Rotary Camps & Services, a nonprofit 501(c)(3)

…GO•REC is open for daily public recreation! Rent cabinsmini cabins,campsites , and tree tents can be booked now for dates starting April 15, 2021Become a Member for free overnight stays and discounts on education programs. Or consider making an end-of-the-year donationor our Amazon Wish List.
Rotary Club's Tuesday Meeting Details
The Next Rotary Club Meeting is on Tuesday, May 25, 2021
(Same Meeting ID & Password) this will be the same every week at least until we meet in person.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 2758 9532
Passcode: 42
Speakers: Natalie Gingras Hazen
Program:  “Gingras Global, The Makers Environment Fund”
You're welcome to join Zoom by 11:45 am to be placed in a breakout room with 
a small number of other members to socialize. 
Questions of the Week?
What was the last music concert you went to?
What was your favorite music concert you attended, when, and where?
Welcome Banks Binder
Welcome to Future Rotarian Banks Arthur Binder (Momma Rotarian Becca & Daddy Robert)
Rotary District Conference
CLICK HERE to learn more and get registered for the Rotary District 6290 Conference
Saturday, April 17 – Session 2                              
8:30 am      Opening Day 2
8:35 – 9am Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Jon Hankins, Rotary Club of Grand Rapids
9:10 – 9:30am  Mark Fisher, President and CEO, Council of the Great Lakes Region
9:30 – 9:50am   Nilam Bedi, Chair, Environmental Action Committee Rotary District 7070
10 – 10:10am    Great Lakes Watershed Cleanup – Jon Catlin, District Governor
10:30 –11am     Chris Wells, Market Harborough, England
11:10 –11:40am Mark Andresky, District Education Facilitator – A Lesson in Leadership
Sunday, April 18 - Session 3
9am        Opening Day 3
9:05am   Honoring Rotarians, Tom Schmidt
10-10:30am   Rotary’s involvement in Human Trafficking
                       Dave McCleary, Director, Rotarian Action Group against Slavery in America                                                           
10:45-11:15am      Empowering Youth   Amy Gibbs     Lowell Early Act (taped presentation)
                                                                                      Grand Rapids Interact
                                                                                     Muskegon Rotaract
                                                                                    Global Scholar Nathan Reynolds                                                                                                                        
11:30- 11:50 am  Getting through my Rotary year in a Pandemic, District Governor, Jon Catlin                         
11:55-noon          Elk Rapids Gary Chenoweth | Invitation to the 2022 District Conference
Noon                   Closing Remarks
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May 12, 2020
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May 14, 2002
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Christopher A. Lambert
May 16, 2006
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Herb Lemcool
May 18, 1993
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Seth Johnson
May 26, 2020
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May 27, 2014
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Tom Petzold
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May 28, 2020
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Mark A. Newhouse
May 28, 2002
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Richard W Ford
May 28, 1979
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Todd J. Muha
May 28, 2002
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David Mengebier
May 29, 2018
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Thomas Menzel
May 30, 2006
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Zoom - Food Security
Jun 08, 2021 11:45 AM
Zoom Meeting-Diversity Equity and Inclusion
Jun 22, 2021 11:45 AM
TC Downtown Update
Jun 29, 2021 11:45 AM
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