Club Meeting Notes, 2/9/2021

President Mack Beers called our meeting to order and Sharron Zimmerman gave us the day’s Thoughts for Reflection. 

  • President Mack announced a zoom wine tasting in tandem with The Blue Goat coming up on February 18th. There is still room if you would like to join in. please contact Kathy if you are interested.

  • Ramona Pleva reminded everyone of Friday’s (2/12) Blood Drive.

  • Adam Beers from the Sunrise Club gave a follow-up to the SuperBowl raffle. Both Kat Paye and Mark Newhouse were winners from the Noon Club.

  • Alexis Juett announced the Kick-off of the new IM Rotary year, which starts with a high-level overview of all the Club does. This session will follow next Tuesday’s regular meeting. She also acknowledged new graduate of the program: Bernie Rubin.


Who’s Smoking Now and Why It Matters….

Jayne Mohr introduced Ken Warner who is deeply involved in health care and tobacco control policy. Warner points out that smoking is still an important issue throughout the nation despite restrictions in the culture.

Success in smoking reduction has been clear over the last decades. Nonetheless, the number of smoking-related deaths remains relatively constant. And lung cancer is still one of the leading causes of death nationally. Even ahead of breast cancer in women. Today smoking is responsible for a sixth of all deaths of Americans.

A pack a day smoker, who continues over a lifetime, will take in the various toxic chemical found in cigarettes some 4 million times and risks death from smoking-related factors at a 50% rate, and many more will be ill as a result.

Since the 60s there has been a radical decrease in smoking. However the rate is higher among the less educated within the population. The percentage drop is the same when looking at income. Smoking prevalence is even more sharply defined in recent years, with the better educated quitting at  more substantial rate. Warner also spoke to the prevalence of smoking within those afflicted with mental health issues and concerns that have risen as a result within the mental healthcare community.

Men continue to smoke at a higher rate than women. Although demographics alter this picture somewhat, it is clear that smoking is largely a function of those in marginalized groups and they are dying at much higher rates than people in the mainstream. 

Possible solutions? Warner named two. Increasing the excise tax, which is a known deterrent particularly with youth who are more price-conscious. And prohibiting smoking in public and workspaces. While we have already done that in Michigan, 50% of the States have not yet done so.

More explicit warnings will appear on cigarette packages beginning in January of 2022. He noted that the USA is many years behind most of the world in this regard. There is a consideration of a ban on menthol used in cigarettes which can be highly addictive, making it far more difficult to quit.

 There is also research that suggests there are ways to make tobacco less addictive by reducing the nicotine to levels that won't sustain addiction. It’s considered to be as easy to de-nicotinize cigarettes as it is to decaffeinate coffee. The FDA continues to look at many ways that the dangers of smoking can be mitigated and we see many of them instituted.

There were questions about vaping and Warner posited that vaping is not necessarily a stepping stone to cigarettes. Warner mentioned that vaping is substantially less dangerous than cigarettes, despite information to the contrary.

Rotary Club's Tuesday Meeting Details
The Next Rotary Club Meeting is on Tuesday, March 16, 2021
You're welcome to join Zoom by 11:45 am to be placed in a breakout room with 
a small number of other members to socialize. 
(Same Meeting ID & Password) this will be the same every week at least until we meet in person.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 2758 9532
Passcode: 42
Speaker: Brian Pitser
Program:  4 Season’s of Fishing in Michigan
IM Rotary ~ New Member Orientation ~ 2/16/2021

We want your experience with our club to be fun and rewarding, so it is an expectation of all new members that you participate in this program.  New members should plan to attend all 6 sessions.  The program is ongoing, so you can start as soon as you join and if you miss a session you can make-up later in the year when that topic is presented again.

Members who attend all six meetings will be awarded 500 points (valued at $500.00)  from the Club, which is ½ way toward one of Rotary's highest honors: The Paul Harris Fellowship CLICK HERE to learn more. If you choose to donate to the Rotary International  (RI) Foundation all donations will be added to your total donation. 

We will typically meet on the third Tuesdays of each month, starting right after the regular Rotary Club Zoom meeting. Please just stay online or on the Zoom call.

The following dates are currently set (but subject to change, as with most things in 2020).  You will be notified of changes via email, and announcements at the general meetings and in the club e-bulletin.  

Meeting #1:  Club Service - February  16, 2021

Rotary of Traverse City overview

  • District 6290 & Rotary International

  • Fellowship Opportunities, ClubRunner

Meeting #2:  Community Service - March 16, 2021

  • Bell Ringing, Christmas Baskets, Friends of the Boardman Watershed Dinner, Munson Manor, JJ Beckett Access-ABILITY Committee/Tag Day

Meeting #3:  The Rotary Connection -April 20, 2021

  • Rotary Camps & Services and Rotary Charities

Meeting#4:  Youth Service - May 18, 2021

  • Strive, Life Leadership, Interact

  • Youth Exchange

Meeting #5:  International Service -December 

  • World Community Service

  • Polio Plus & The Rotary Foundation

Meeting #6: The Rotary Show – January 

  • Good Works Committee

Ad Sales, Rotary Show        
Still time to sign up!
Sip, Sip, Hooray! It's A Wine Tasting Party!
Hello Rotarians!
The Social Events Committee, working with the Blue Goat wine shop, has organized a Rotary wine tasting party for February 18th, starting at 5:30 on Zoom.  Our hosts that evening will be Blue Goat owner and wine connoisseur Sebastian Garbsch, and Barry O’Brien, owner of wine distributor Select Fine Wines and of his own small vineyard on Old Mission Peninsula.  Barry will be guiding us through our tasting of two special O’Brien Vineyards wines – a 2016 Dry Riesling and a 2019 Pinot Noir – giving us the background on the wine and the highlights of his wine-making journey.  
Sebastian has provided us with a highly discounted price of just $40 (tax included) for both bottles of wine.  Participants will need to purchase and pick up their wine at the Blue Goat -- just identify yourself as a Rotary wine tasting participant and they will have your wine ready for you.  Wines are available now.  Must pay there, no charging to your Rotary account.  Blue Goat is at 875 Front St. at the start of Peninsula Drive.
At our request, the Blue Goat has also identified a few cheeses from their collection to pair with the wines, and they will be available as OPTIONAL add-ons.  They have chosen Idyll Farms goat cheese (local -- $4.99) as well as Plymouth Black Truffle artisanal cheddar cheese (from Vermont -- $10.99).  These are recommendations only, to complement the wines we will be tasting.  Scroll down for the photo. 
Depending on the number of participants, we’ll be offering some breakout rooms so that everyone has a chance to mingle and chat with each other.  It is a party, after all!
And, please, let us know if you’re planning to attend, just so that we can advise the wine shop and they have enough inventory for all of us.  Contact Kathy Bussell at 231-941-5421 or email her at  Feel free to contact either George or Susan if you have questions. 
We will send a Zoom number to you as it gets closer.  Join us as we eat, drink and make merry!  
     George Powell                                                      Susan Kraus
     (231) 218-5000                                                     (231) 946-4658
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