Rotary Meeting Notes,  May 25, 2021

President Mack opened the meeting with Rotarians introducing their guests (welcome Luke and Kent!), followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Tom Petzold offered a thoughtful reflection that focused on our being teachers in all things.

Announcements followed:

Ross Childs told us about Go Blue, Go Green (Sparty on!). The aim is to raise scholarship funds for local students going to NMC, U of M, or MSU. They’re hoping to raise enough to support ten scholarships at $2,000 each. Volunteers are needed for the August 21st event. If you can help, please contact Ross at (231) 590-2482 or

Andrew Kohlmann needs help with a ‘bug count,’ as he put it. The Adopt-A-Stream project with The Watershed Center Grand Traverse Bay, learn more HERE The goal is to study the health of the ecosystem we usually go to Kids Creek. Waders, nets, and bugs. A nice little Saturday. Come help him out on June 12 or June 19. Reach out to Andrew or Kathy

Sharon Zimmerman gave us an update on Rotary Camps and Services. The Discovery Center is about halfway to its $2.1M fundraising goal. There will be increased activity at the pier this summer and there are plenty of opportunities to partake. Head to and experience all that they have to offer! Also, GOREC is going to have educational offerings this summer. Discover the changes and improvements for yourself: head to to learn all about it!

President Mack shared with us the results of the survey regarding the future of our club. The majority of those who responded favored the proposed changes. Some of the changes will go into effect on July 1st. President Mack also let us know that we’re in discussions with the Park Place about in-person meetings, which may be able to happen as soon as next month.

Jennifer Casey introduced our speaker, Natalie Gingras Hazen, of Gingras Global.

The organization was founded in 2011 and is based in the Detroit area. Gingras Global guides impact enterprises and investors by focusing on having a positive social impact to go with financial success. Through their work, they’ve been able to help impact investors save $5M in costs and increase the capital funding for impact enterprises by 78%.

They offer services such as design guidance, fund administration, and reporting platforms. The organization generally focuses on social, economic, or environmental opportunities. Whether it’s their proprietary assessment and reporting systems or coaching services, they’ve had a tremendous impact on communities. Just one example is creating 6,800 jobs over 10 years.

Natalie told us about some of the opportunities they’ve had here in Michigan. They helped revitalize a dormant historical building with the Battle Creek Community Foundation. This has resulted in a major boost to the downtown area. She also told us about Monte Holland. He is a fashion designer that experienced tremendous success and then found himself starting over. He had the talent and client base, but needed investment to grow a new business. With Gingras Global’s help, he was able to do just that and is thriving.


Natalie also told us about some of the funds offered for impact investing. She focused on the Makers Environmental Fund. She started it in 2017 as a pilot. She told us about four of the organizations their support focused on: Welding Concept Training, Inc., Detroit Training Center, Pingree Detroit, and Detroit Sewn. Natalie raised $550,000 and was able to deploy more than $376,000 over just 24 months. Part of the work was helping those formerly incarcerated learn new skills. Through that work alone, recidivism costs for the State of Michigan were reduced by an estimated $3,174,000. Version 2 is in the works and will be a $20M nationwide initiative.

Jennifer Casey then presented the Wheels of Hope certificate to Natalie and President Mack adjourned the meeting.

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June 1, 2021

Get to know this Rotarian: Max Anderson
Current occupation: Assistant Vice President and Commercial Lender at Honor Bank.
How long have you been a Rotarian? I started getting involved with Rotary almost six years ago. I’ve been a member of our club for just over three years now.
What made you interested in joining Rotary? I came as a guest for a few presentations and started to learn how deeply the club believes in service above self. I distinctly remember Dale Chilcote’s presentation on Christmas baskets – a program where Rotarians donate both money and time to shop for and distribute Christmas gifts to families in need. I was blown away with the impact this club has on our region, and I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.
What do you love the most about rotary? Whatever your gifts or talents, Rotary has a way to leverage everyone’s unique qualities to maximize good works in our region and beyond. I also love that rotary has a global aspect that allows us to see beyond the four walls.
What has been your favorite program or volunteer opportunity with rotary to participate in? If I had to pick one, it would likely be Christmas Baskets as I had mentioned above. I vividly remember the first time I went shopping for and delivered presents to a local family. I met the dad in their garage and after unloading the gifts with him, he teared up and gave me a huge hug. He told me it had been years since his little girls had a “real” Christmas. It was a moving experience.
What keeps you with rotary? The relationships I’ve built with the people in the club. It’s hard to find another dynamic organization where you can build the kind of bonds you can through rotary.
What are you currently reading? The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown.
What are you currently watching? My wife and I are watching several different documentaries on South Korea. We’d like to plan a trip there soon!
What is a fun fact about you? I recently started to get into fly fishing, and I’m hooked!
We are always looking for new members to join us. At the Rotary Club of TC, all are welcome. For more info or to join rotary, visit:
Rotary - Get to know this Rotarian
Get to know this Rotarian: Ramona Pleva
Current occupation: A rockin’ Chiropractor at Northern Lights Chiropractic
How long have you been a Rotarian? 12 years
What made you interested in joining Rotary? All the impactful service work that Rotary does, and I wanted to be a part of something greater than myself. It’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done!
What do you love the most about Rotary? The people! In this club, I’ve made great friends.
What has been your favorite program or volunteer opportunity with rotary to participate in? The Youth Exchange Program! All the students that I’ve worked with have left a big imprint on my heart!
What keeps you with Rotary? I appreciate the connections I’ve made with other community professionals who are committed to service work. Some of their work is very inspiring and it’s a privilege to rub elbows with them.
What are you currently reading? The Truth about COVID
What is a fun fact about you? I was once featured on the cover of Taste of Home magazine. My mother submitted her cherry pie recipe with my name on it and sent in my high school senior picture. The magazine ended up using that issue as their Collector’s issue for two and a half years.
Get to know this Rotarian: Becky Ewing
Current occupation:
I am the outgoing Executive Director of Rotary Charities.
How long have you been a Rotarian?
I first joined the Sunrise Rotary Club in 2008 and transferred to the noon club in 2016.
What made you interested in joining rotary?
Experiencing firsthand the impact Rotary Charities and the Club have on our community. I was part of the Water Studies Institute as it was being formed and we were the recipient of the 41 million centennial grant celebrating the 100-year anniversary of Rotary. Through that process I met Marsha Smith, Paul Laporte and others. The Water Committee was formed, and I met other Rotarians as we did restoration work in the watershed. It was a very inspiring group of people!
What has been your favorite program or volunteer opportunity with rotary to participate in?
I love Kids Free Fishing Day – it's a joy to watch kids and their families fish together.
What are you currently reading?
I always have two books going at once – one fiction and one nonfiction that helps me move forward in my learning and self-awareness journey. I'm just finishing Ibram Kendi's book, "How to be an Anti-Racist," which is a compelling and enlightening book. I just finished Mary Doria Russell's book, "The Women of the Copper Country," and learned so much about the dire conditions of early 20th-century copper miners and their families in the Upper Peninsula. I love her writing and enjoyed the strong women portrayed in the book.
What are you currently watching?
Bob and I are enjoying Mare of Eastown, The Handmaid's Tale, and the Great British Bakeoff
What is a fun fact about you?
This year marks the 49th consecutive year of running and I'm coming up on 1,000 days of meditating – I love physical activity and moments of quiet reflection. I'm really excited to have my daughter move back to town this summer and watch my son Duncan and former noon Rotarian Emma Moyer get married in September! I continue to be in awe of my kids.
Get to know this Rotarian: Dan Rickard
Current occupation: Owner of The Copy Shop on 8th and Woodmere
How long have you been a Rotarian? Since 1995, 26 years this summer!
What made you interested in joining rotary? My father "suggested" I get involved in a service club. A friend invited me to a Rotary lunch and I found I knew quite a few Rotarians. I knew of the impact Rotary had on the local community and decided that I wanted to be a part of making the community a better place.
What do you love the most about rotary? Rotarians say YES to requests in the club and in their personal businesses and lives.
What has been your favorite program or volunteer opportunity with rotary to participate in? There are 3 of us who have Co-Chaired the Christmas Baskets program for over 10 years. Since 1995, my first year when I was given a family and some money and told to make a family's Christmas better, I have been hooked. There is nothing better than giving someone joy person to person.
What keeps you with Rotary? Being part of a group that is focused on doing good and positive energy.
What are you currently reading? Between books so I am catching up on National Geographic’s.
What are you currently watching? The Stanley Cup playoffs.
What is a fun fact about you? I played competitive Rugby for about 13 years and another 5 years as an "Old Boy" and played in Golden Oldies tournaments in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and France!
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