"May the Fourth be with You”

It was a “May the Fourth be with You” kind of day at the Rotary Club of Traverse City.

President Mack opened the meeting with Rotarians introducing their guests followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 

Homer Nye gave a thoughtful Gratitude and Reflection moment that focused on the importance of education.

Announcements followed:

DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!  Jeff Hickman officially announced that Sakura Takano has been selected as the new CEO of Rotary Charities! The search to fill the position of Becky Ewing began in December with a search committee comprising members of the Rotary Club Board, Rotary Camps and Services Board and Rotary Charities Board. In February Kate Greene assisted with the search in February that drew nearly 50 applicants. The 50 were dwindled to five and after Zoom interviews and in-person presentations, Sakura was the unanimous choice to lead Rotary Charities into the future. Benjamin Marentette offered up words of congratulations to Sakura! News Story from 9 & 10 CLICK HERE

Ramona Pleva announced that our next Rotary Blood Drive will be Wednesday, May 19 at Kirkbride Hall from 10 am - 5 pm. If you are receiving any COVID-19 vaccines, you need to wait a full 48 hours before donating blood. The sign-up link is:

Also, the event is on the Rotary Club’s Facebook page for posting, sharing and inviting others. With the three previous blood drives, our donation totals have helped 400 people in Northern Michigan. Please consider donating blood if you can. If you are someone who can’t donate but still want to help, you can drop off some baked good yumminess (cookies, brownies, muffins, etc…) to Kirkbride Hall by 10 am on Blood Day. 

Carla Weaver shared that Silvia Galimbert, a former exchange student from Italy, will be the guest speaker at the TC Sunrise Rotary Meeting on Wednesday, May 5. Silvia is an amazing young woman who has used her Rotary exchange experience as a springboard to travel the world and will no doubt have some fascinating stories to share!

President Mack announced that he is still accepting responses to the survey sent out last week. Please respond back if you haven’t done so. Also, in regards to returning to in-person meetings, much depends on the Park Place Hotel for our lunch meetings and restrictions for in-person meetings. Current restrictions are through the end of May and they do not allow us to return.  The Park Place will let us know when we can return based on any updated restrictions on public gatherings. 

Steve Wade introduced our speaker today, Mr. Terry Vandercook, the Chief Program Officer at Networks Northwest. 

Terry gave the highlights of the highlights of a recent virtual network growth summit which focused on regional business tools and ways businesses can keep pace with the ever changing economy. Four areas of focus included: Lead, Grow, Hire, Advance.

Lead: Angie Morgan from Lead Star opened the Summit with the discussion of leveraging risk as a business owner. Risks have been seen as the opposite of reward. But with a different perspective and leverage, risks can be the path to reward. How do we embrace risk? Typically it is a learned and accepted behavior that we can inherit from our parents. But we can learn to get comfortable with being uncomfortable and push the limit. 

Grow: the need to develop a more diverse customer base. This is about exploring opportunities in government contracting and exporting. This extends beyond the federal government and can include state, regional and local government. It teaches a business owner how to become a government contractor, how to obtain the contracts and the opportunity for exporting. Network Northwest helps provide and identify the opportunities and where a product is most valued. Financial grants are also available to assist with these opportunities. 

Hire: talent pipelines are evolving, shortages exist in availability and skillsets. There is a talent shortage for all skill levels. Adult education programs can help motivated adults transfer into entry level positions. 

Returning citizens: parolees are receiving training with soft skills such as interviewing for a job and job coaching. Along with employment, these individuals may also need assistance with housing, food and transportation. 

Internships, apprenticeships are also of value and can help transition talented individuals into the workforce. 

Reconnect: a program that helps those without credentials obtain them. MiLEAP and Future for Frontliners are programs that are still being developed and will dovetail into the Reconnect program. 

Advance: intentionally help chart the path to success for businesses with online sales, systematic changes, investing in workplace teams with professional development and setting new goals. 

With that, Steve Wade presented the Wheels of Hope certificate to Terry and President Mack adjourned the meeting.

Governor Whitmer signs bipartisan bill to invest $37.8M in outdoor recreation projects
News Article CLICK HERE

...Whitmer signed the bill Thursday on Discovery Pier at Elmwood Charter Township’s Greilickville Harbor Park. The township is set to receive $300,000 for further development of the pier area.

“I think this is a great example of how a local municipality, a nonprofit and the state can work together to create a special place,” said Jeffrey Shaw, Elmwood Township supervisor. “We’re happy to have the Discovery Pier here in Elmwood Township and we look forward to working together for years to come.”

Governor Whitmer signing the bill, she noted it was the first time signing a bill on a kayak

Editorial: Continuing natural resources investment imperative
Allison Batdorff, May 7, 2021 

Record-Eagle CLICK HERE

Rotary Club's Tuesday Meeting Details
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Tuesday, July 20, 2021
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Speaker: Jack Segal
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Get to know this Rotarian: Ben Whiting
Get to know this Rotarian: Ben Whiting

Current occupation: I help organizations bring out the best in their people, and break through their perceived limitations. I do that with keynotes, workshops, and the occasional card trick.

How long have you been a Rotarian? About 5 years.

What made you interested in joining Rotary? I had an absolute blast performing in the 2016 Rotary Show and met some wonderful, amazing people. The idea of continuing to have fun with my new friends while giving back to my community was too appealing to resist.

What do you love the most about rotary? The friends I’ve made within the club. Whenever you have the opportunity to work with a fun, like-minded group of people to enrich your community, it’s hard to beat.

What has been your favorite program or volunteer opportunity with rotary to participate in? I’m chair of the Good Works Committee. We take the money raised from the Rotary Show (which I also love participating in) and give it back to local nonprofits in the community. Nonprofits can apply at:

What keeps you with Rotary? The friends I’ve made and the stories of the people and organizations Rotary has helped.

What are you currently reading? The Gilded Girl. It’s a retelling of A Little Princess that takes place in 1920’s New York City and involves magic. It was written by Alyssa Coleman and published in April. I think it’s better than Harry Potter.

What are you currently watching? My wife and I have been rewatching The Wonder Years. Even though it originally aired in the 80’s it HOLDS UP! It’s fantabulous.

What is a fun fact about you? While I spend the majority of my time delivering keynotes and communication workshops now, I have straight-up magic and mind-reading shows happening at Turtle Creek Casino in June and July. It’s called Reconnected and you heard it here first
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