Club Meeting Notes, 4/27/21
Mighty Mack Beers called the meeting to order and administered the pledge.

Ramona Pleva offered thoughts of gratitude and reflection. 
Kurt Rivard spoke about all of the good work being done around the world by the Rotary Foundation and implored club members to support the Foundation through annual giving. Club support for the Foundation is lacking!
Mack said he would (and later did) email out a message regarding big club changes, along with a survey about those changes. Check your email and take the survey!
Mike Meinderstma introduced the speaker, fellow Rotarian Kat Paye. After many years and several positions with the National Cherry Festival, Kat was named executive director in 2016. 
Kat spoke extensively about a Cherry Festival that has been very much impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The festival was cancelled completely last year, and a scaled-back version will be held this year. Despite all of this, the festival has managed to retain all of its employees.
Among the big changes, this year will be the lack of an airshow and the bayside music stage. Planners were concerned about the ability to effectively social distance in those environments. Several other events were also cancelled (don't worry, the Beer Tent will be alive and well, and last year's pin will get you in!). Some events are expected to have both in-person and virtual components.

Kat encouraged everyone to keep an eye on for event info and updates, as the situation is still very fluid. Many decisions are still to be made.
Rotary Club's Tuesday Meeting Details
Rotary Club Meeting
Tuesday, June 28, 2021
At the Great Wolf Lodge Conference Room 
(Same Meeting ID & Password) this will be the same every week at least until we meet in person.
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Meeting ID: 817 2758 9532
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4/2021 Rotary Foundation Statistics for the
Rotary Club of Traverse City:
Every Rotarian Every Year – 100/218 = 46%
Sustaining Rotarians ($100 yr) – 32/218 = 15%
Paul Harris Society Members ($1000 yr) – 4/218 = 2%
Paul Harris Fellows - 127/218 = 58%
Alfonso, BonniePHF
Allen, MauricePHF
Anderson, TonyPHF
Arnold, Garrett WPHF
Beers, AllisonPHF
Bensley, Thomas JPHF
Black, David JPHF
Blick, RuthPHF
Cooney, Robert AllenPHF
Cosgrove, Thomas APHF
Dennis, MauricePHF
Dobbyn, JimPHF
Eckhoff, MarkPHF
Feeney, H. VernePHF
Fraser, Donald L.PHF
Gauthier, VernPHF
Hardy, Scott C.PHF
Haskin, StevePHF
Hess, DeAnnaPHF
Hoffmann, ArthurPHF
Johnson, H WendellPHF
Jonkhoff, Daniel A.PHF
Juett, AlexisPHF
Kern, Thomas J.PHF
Kraus, SusanPHF
Larsen, Monica A.PHF
Lemcool, Herbert W.PHF
Marentette, BenjaminPHF
McKinney, John C.PHF
Meindertsma, MikePHF
Meteyer, R. DouglasPHF
Miller, ConnorPHF
Moon, Lynne C. C.PHF
Myers, WilliamPHF
Parker, Patrick JosephPHF
Pascoe, Richard L.PHF
Paulson, ThomPHF
Petzold, ThomasPHF
Pleva, RamonaPHF
Rivers-Cochran, Julie AnnPHF
Roddy, John DavidPHF
Rubin, BernardPHF
Ruzak, CynthiaPHF
Schmeltzer, LoriPHF
Schultz, Richard C.PHF
Scott, John AlfredPHF
Shoskey, William R.PHF
Snow, Jeanne V.PHF
Soffredine, RalphPHF
Soltysiak, Autumn ChalkerPHF
Stow, Robert C.PHF
Strom, Peter M.PHF
Takano, SakuraPHF
Tate, TimPHF
Tkach, TrevorPHF
Torrey, Lee WalterPHF
Weaver, Carla L.PHF
Wendel, Heidi M.PHF
Wills, Michael WarrenPHF
Zelinski, AlanPHF
Zimmer, NancyPHF
Zimmer, Ronald T. T.PHF
Bogley, Gilbert A.PHF+1
Buday, MichaelPHF+1
Cartwright, William HPHF+1
Caruso, MichaelPHF+1
Chilcote, DalePHF+1
Colburn, MartinPHF+1
Dancer, MarkPHF+1
Dean, Jr., RobertPHF+1
Ewing, RebeccaPHF+1
Ford, DavidPHF+1
Haase, ThomasPHF+1
Heintz, PatrickPHF+1
Hickman, JeffreyPHF+1
Hooper, Walter J.PHF+1
Kamps, Randall A.PHF+1
Lammers, III, Sidney G.PHF+1
Lovell, Rob RolandPHF+1
Minervini, Marsha M.PHF+1
Mittelberger, RalphPHF+1
Morris, Paul L.PHF+1
Musson, Kenneth H.PHF+1
Ness, EdwinPHF+1
Newhouse, Mark A.PHF+1
Noonan, JohnPHF+1
Nye, Homer E.PHF+1
Olson, K JohnPHF+1
Osborne, KennethPHF+1
Racine, Jr., John PPHF+1
Rogers, W BrucePHF+1
Rosi, Philip R.PHF+1
Sobkowski, NikkiPHF+1
Tasch, Gary EPHF+1
Van Slyke, SidneyPHF+1
Weaver, Kennard R.PHF+1
Wood, Elaine C.PHF+1
Zimmerman, Sharron H. L.PHF+1
Beers, LorrainePHF+2
Bevan, Marlene APHF+2
Biederman, RossPHF+2
Fitzgerald, Marilyn AnnPHF+2
Hall, John C.PHF+2
Jackson, T. MichaelPHF+2
Karczewski, Elizabeth N.PHF+2
LaPorte, Paul J.PHF+2
Muha, Joseph JPHF+2
Muth, DennisPHF+2
Nyberg, KurtPHF+2
Peet, HenryPHF+2
Schmuckal, PaulPHF+2
Schroth, Wallace BPHF+2
Smith, MarshaPHF+2
Sutherland, PaulPHF+2
Burden, Timothy K.PHF+3
Pentilla, RoyPHF+3
Powell, George M. M.PHF+3
Rollert, E DavidPHF+3
Childs, K. RossPHF+4
Ralston, Ann PalmerPHF+4
Portenga, Robert SPHF+5
Marvin, David E. S.PHF+6
Witkop, Robert H.PHF+7
Beers, Richard MPHF+8
Bonney, Alfred S.PHF+8
Breadon, Donald RPHF+8
Rivard, KurtPHF+8
Proposed Club Funding Model Details and Survey 

Fellow Club Members,

I and the board have been thinking for some time about making changes to the way the club funds itself, and more recently how we meet.  In an effort to spread the cost of basic club operations more evenly, to make meetings more flexible, and to offer an opportunity for most members to reduce the costs of being a Rotarian, the board and the finance committee are endorsing the changes outlined it the presentation.  PLEASE READ IT FIRST.  Please CLICK HERE to read

Importantly, the board would also like to get your feedback before we implement these significant changes.  Your feedback will be in the form of a survey which is accessed via the attached link.  Before you do what I always do and say “Oh no, not another survey”, it’s only 7 questions, and should take less than a minute to complete.  Your participation is REALLY important, so we can have a solid percentage representation of the club membership.  I’d like 100%, but will settle for 95%.

If you have any questions or concerns not addressed by the survey, please feel free to call or email me directly.

We’d like to have this wrapped up in the next 2 weeks, so please don’t delay.  We’ll no doubt send reminders if you do delay.










Link to Survey:

Rotarians & Social Media Post

Get to know this Rotarian: Laura Oblinger

Current occupation: Director of Client Services for Rehmann

How long have you been a Rotarian? I’m on my second run – first as the Executive Director of the Traverse City Area Chamber of Commerce for several years, then a hiatus to focus on my family, then back again as a member when I joined the Rehmann team in 2017.

What made you interested in joining Rotary? The people – first and foremost! After my hiatus, I missed the people. I missed the community that fellow Rotarians create, and the joy that came from attending meetings.
What do you love the most about rotary? It’s a place I can go and guarantee it will be a joyful and positive experience. Not all encounters can be this predictable, but Rotary can. It’s a community with a mission to serve, so it attracts giving, generous, and thoughtful people.

What has been your favorite program or volunteer opportunity with rotary to participate in? I was a part of the Ad Hoc committee looking at the recent survey results on the Club’s value. This was the most impactful experience as it allowed me to pause and reflect on the real “why” to Rotary as well as see clearer how others view its value. Although improvement opportunities, the bottom line is that Rotary is a gateway to the betterment of our region and many look to the Club to serve in this way.

What are you currently reading? The Dean, Dillinger, and Dayton, Ohio. It’s a non-fiction book written by an Ohio historian. My husband Chris’s grandfather, Rudolph Wurstner, was the Dayton City Police Chief and instrumental in the arrest of John Dillinger. Because of the family connection to this historical time, I find the book, and the story, very interesting.

What are you currently watching? Netflix – “Who Killed Sara” series. SO good!

We are always looking for new members to join us. At the Rotary Club of TC, all are welcome. For more information or to join rotary, click here: to learn more.
Jul 20, 2021 11:45 AM
Zoom Meeting- International Affairs
Jul 27, 2021 11:45 AM
In-Person - Citizen Scientist - GTRLC
Aug 03, 2021 11:45 AM
Zoom-Land Conservancy
Aug 10, 2021 11:45 AM
In-Person - Horseshow
Aug 17, 2021 11:45 AM
Zoom - SCORE
Aug 24, 2021 11:45 AM
In-Person Surgical Missions in Guatemala
Aug 31, 2021 11:45 AM
Zoom - Northwestern Michigan College
Sep 07, 2021 11:45 AM
In-Person - American Rescue Plan Act
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