Urgent Needs Fund, Helping Our Region Do Important Good Work
Today was a heartwarming meeting as we learned all the good the Urgent Needs Fund has served over this last year, it truly illustrates a community coming together. It began to provide basic needs in our five-county region during our time of crises and with initial donations from the Community Foundation, Herrington-Fitch Family Foundation, Oleson Foundation, Rotary Charities, and United Way. Almost $1 million raised and to date close to $900,000 given in grants. Examples of how dollars were used include: cleaning supplies for Safe Harbor to continue to operate, technology for Hospice to connect families during their last time together, and NWMI housing to give families a home to be safe within.
Welcome New Rotarian Madison Ford
Please say hello to our newest Rotary Club member! You might recognize him as the son of our very own David Ford, but did you also know...
...Madison moved from Portland, OR in 2020 with his wife Alicia and 2 adorable daughters. He has lived in 7 states and 14 cities. He studied opera and acoustical engineering in college. He is an Eagle Scout and spent summers camping and working at Camp Greilick. Before he joined Ford Insurance, he was an engineer, consultant, and event planner!
Welcome Madison - we are so happy to have you back in TC!
Rotary Foundation - Paul Harris Awards 
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If you are currently donating to the Rotary Foundation through your Rotary Club account you do not have to sign up again.
Thank you
4/2021 Rotary Foundation Statistics for the
Rotary Club of Traverse City:
Every Rotarian Every Year – 100/218 = 46%
Sustaining Rotarians ($100 yr) – 32/218 = 15%
Paul Harris Society Members ($1000 yr) – 4/218 = 2%
Paul Harris Fellows - 127/218 = 58%
Alfonso, BonniePHF
Allen, MauricePHF
Anderson, TonyPHF
Arnold, Garrett WPHF
Beers, AllisonPHF
Bensley, Thomas JPHF
Black, David JPHF
Blick, RuthPHF
Cooney, Robert AllenPHF
Cosgrove, Thomas APHF
Dennis, MauricePHF
Dobbyn, JimPHF
Eckhoff, MarkPHF
Feeney, H. VernePHF
Fraser, Donald L.PHF
Gauthier, VernPHF
Hardy, Scott C.PHF
Haskin, StevePHF
Hess, DeAnnaPHF
Hoffmann, ArthurPHF
Johnson, H WendellPHF
Jonkhoff, Daniel A.PHF
Juett, AlexisPHF
Kern, Thomas J.PHF
Kraus, SusanPHF
Larsen, Monica A.PHF
Lemcool, Herbert W.PHF
Marentette, BenjaminPHF
McKinney, John C.PHF
Meindertsma, MikePHF
Meteyer, R. DouglasPHF
Miller, ConnorPHF
Moon, Lynne C. C.PHF
Myers, WilliamPHF
Parker, Patrick JosephPHF
Pascoe, Richard L.PHF
Paulson, ThomPHF
Petzold, ThomasPHF
Pleva, RamonaPHF
Rivers-Cochran, Julie AnnPHF
Roddy, John DavidPHF
Rubin, BernardPHF
Ruzak, CynthiaPHF
Schmeltzer, LoriPHF
Schultz, Richard C.PHF
Scott, John AlfredPHF
Shoskey, William R.PHF
Snow, Jeanne V.PHF
Soffredine, RalphPHF
Soltysiak, Autumn ChalkerPHF
Stow, Robert C.PHF
Strom, Peter M.PHF
Takano, SakuraPHF
Tate, TimPHF
Tkach, TrevorPHF
Torrey, Lee WalterPHF
Weaver, Carla L.PHF
Wendel, Heidi M.PHF
Wills, Michael WarrenPHF
Zelinski, AlanPHF
Zimmer, NancyPHF
Zimmer, Ronald T. T.PHF
Bogley, Gilbert A.PHF+1
Buday, MichaelPHF+1
Cartwright, William HPHF+1
Caruso, MichaelPHF+1
Chilcote, DalePHF+1
Colburn, MartinPHF+1
Dancer, MarkPHF+1
Dean, Jr., RobertPHF+1
Ewing, RebeccaPHF+1
Ford, DavidPHF+1
Haase, ThomasPHF+1
Heintz, PatrickPHF+1
Hickman, JeffreyPHF+1
Hooper, Walter J.PHF+1
Kamps, Randall A.PHF+1
Lammers, III, Sidney G.PHF+1
Lovell, Rob RolandPHF+1
Minervini, Marsha M.PHF+1
Mittelberger, RalphPHF+1
Morris, Paul L.PHF+1
Musson, Kenneth H.PHF+1
Ness, EdwinPHF+1
Newhouse, Mark A.PHF+1
Noonan, JohnPHF+1
Nye, Homer E.PHF+1
Olson, K JohnPHF+1
Osborne, KennethPHF+1
Racine, Jr., John PPHF+1
Rogers, W BrucePHF+1
Rosi, Philip R.PHF+1
Sobkowski, NikkiPHF+1
Tasch, Gary EPHF+1
Van Slyke, SidneyPHF+1
Weaver, Kennard R.PHF+1
Wood, Elaine C.PHF+1
Zimmerman, Sharron H. L.PHF+1
Beers, LorrainePHF+2
Bevan, Marlene APHF+2
Biederman, RossPHF+2
Fitzgerald, Marilyn AnnPHF+2
Hall, John C.PHF+2
Jackson, T. MichaelPHF+2
Karczewski, Elizabeth N.PHF+2
LaPorte, Paul J.PHF+2
Muha, Joseph JPHF+2
Muth, DennisPHF+2
Nyberg, KurtPHF+2
Peet, HenryPHF+2
Schmuckal, PaulPHF+2
Schroth, Wallace BPHF+2
Smith, MarshaPHF+2
Sutherland, PaulPHF+2
Burden, Timothy K.PHF+3
Pentilla, RoyPHF+3
Powell, George M. M.PHF+3
Rollert, E DavidPHF+3
Childs, K. RossPHF+4
Ralston, Ann PalmerPHF+4
Portenga, Robert SPHF+5
Marvin, David E. S.PHF+6
Witkop, Robert H.PHF+7
Beers, Richard MPHF+8
Bonney, Alfred S.PHF+8
Breadon, Donald RPHF+8
Rivard, KurtPHF+8
Rotary Club's Tuesday Meeting Details
Rotary Club Meeting
Tuesday, June 28, 2021
At the Great Wolf Lodge Conference Room 
(Same Meeting ID & Password) this will be the same every week at least until we meet in person.
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 817 2758 9532
Passcode: 42
 Rotary Club of Traverse City
Club Board & Club President Inductions
Get To Know Your Fellow Rotarian's
Get to know this Rotarian: Sakura Takano
Current occupation: Director of Community Assets and Impact Investing, Rotary Charities
How long have you been a Rotarian? 6 years
What made you interested in joining rotary? My dad was a Rotarian in Honolulu, Hawaii and when I worked at Goodwill Northern Michigan, George Powell brought me to a meeting at the old Park Place dome. I loved the feeling of fellowship and the diversity of community projects members can support.
What do you love the most about rotary? I cherish the varied relationships I have with club members. Whether in a professional context or delivering Girl Scout cookies to members, or talking for the first time in the Zoom breakout rooms, I feel like the people I meet want to do good things in our community.
What has been your favorite program or volunteer opportunity with rotary to participate in? I love seeing young people engaged in new opportunities--Kids Free Fishing Day and Career Networking Day at Traverse City High School are at the top of my list. Seeing the squeals of kids catching their first fish is quite an occasion.
What keeps you with Rotary? When the world and our community can feel polarized, and more recently, distant, I know I can count on my fellow Rotarians for fellowship and a sense of heart for people around us.
What are you currently watching? Money Heist on Netflix, with subtitles. I miss international travel and seeing this "hero" grand theft series in Spanish brings me to another place. It's addicting!
What is a fun fact about you? During Covid, I was gifted a sourdough starter from Iceland that has been around since 1875 from Jen Blakeslee of the Cook's House. l was not a breadmaker but am now hooked on perfecting my pizza crust recipe and have shared this sourdough starter with friends. If you want any, let me know!
We are always looking for new members to join us. At the Rotary Club of TC, all are welcome. 
Get to know this Rotarian: Katy McCain

Occupation: Director of Community Development for the Traverse City Downtown Development Authority

How long have you been a Rotarian? 10 years this December!

What made you interested in joining rotary? I wanted a way to easily get involved within the community and beyond. Rotary makes it easy to find your volunteer niche, with endless opportunities to give back within the community and on an international level.

What do you love the most about rotary? I love how Rotary gives me the opportunity to meet and become friends with so many different people that I do not know if I would have had the joys of interacting with if it were not for the club.

What has been your favorite program or volunteer opportunity with rotary to participate in? I co-chair the Rotary Friends of the Boardman Watershed Dinner. It is not only a Rotary highlight but one of my favorite community events every year.

What keeps you with rotary? The friendships I have made and the good work that the organization does for our community.

What are you currently watching? I am a huge fan of the Law & Order franchise

What is a fun fact about you? I started a foodie Instagram account called @toast.2.toasts during the pandemic to help promote local restaurants when they were hurting the most. Avocado toast is one of my favorite foods and was the inspiration for the account, as well as my love for visiting local coffee shops wherever I travel.

We are always looking for new members to join us. At the Rotary Club of TC, all are welcome.
Eversight & Michigan Donor Registry

Spring is a time of hope, courage and renewal.
Eversight celebrates National Donate Life Month every April with you and all our friends who make life-changing transplantation a reality.
Please join Eversight this month in honoring all donors and their families, transplant professionals and recipients, and the many more who have made the selfless choice to be registered donors.
If you haven't already, join the Michigan Donor Registry at  and tell your loved ones of your decision to Donate Life.
A Requests For Your GO•REC Stories
GO•REC needs your urgent help documenting the history activity at the Camp Greilick property. In particular, we are looking to document any non-camp-related day use (no overnight stay).  We know that there is a rich history of many family and community activities that have occurred at Camp Greilick.  While we encourage and appreciate your stories a simple list will also serve our purpose.
Please contact Matt McDonough 
Thanks in advance,
Jamie Lewis Hedges
Director GO•REC
For: Rotary Camps & Services, a nonprofit 501(c)(3)

…GO•REC is open for daily public recreation! Rent cabinsmini cabins,campsites , and tree tents can be booked now for dates starting April 15, 2021Become a Member for free overnight stays and discounts on education programs. Or consider making an end-of-the-year donationor our Amazon Wish List.
Rotary Supporting the Environment
In 2020, the Rotary Foundation and
Rotary International
adopted the seventh area of focus: the environment.
The Rotary Club of Traverse City and
Rotary Charities of Traverse City
have been committed to protecting our region's natural resources since our early beginnings. We're so grateful to our grantee partners who steward the land and advocate for clean water, and fellow Rotarians who join in the effort by volunteering, donating, and advocating.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Gerard Achenbach
July 4
Sid Lammers
July 6
Tiger Feeney
July 6
Donald Breadon
July 9
Chuck Korn
July 10
W Bruce Rogers
July 10
Lee Torrey
July 13
Marsha Smith
July 14
Michele Howard
July 16
Steve Wade
July 18
Gary E Tasch
July 19
Herb Lemcool
July 20
William C. Anderson
July 20
Kate Redman
July 22
Joe Muha
July 30
Terry Beamsley
July 30
Thomas Menzel
July 30
Join Date
Steve Wade
July 2, 2009
12 years
Al Long
July 8, 1976
45 years
Jerry Ring
July 9, 2019
2 years
Kate Redman
July 9, 2019
2 years
Bernie Rubin
July 14, 2020
1 year
Emily Wilbert
July 14, 2020
1 year
Laurie Lapp
July 14, 2020
1 year
Carla Weaver
July 24, 2018
3 years
Thomas Wertz
July 24, 2018
3 years
Daniel A. Jonkhoff
July 26, 1977
44 years
Lori Schmeltzer
July 26, 2016
5 years
Diane McLean Arnold
July 28, 2020
1 year
David Stowe
July 29, 1997
24 years
Warren Call
July 30, 2013
8 years
Jody Trietch
July 31, 2018
3 years
Jul 20, 2021 11:45 AM
Zoom Meeting- International Affairs
Jul 27, 2021 11:45 AM
In-Person - Citizen Scientist - GTRLC
Aug 03, 2021 11:45 AM
Zoom-Land Conservancy
Aug 10, 2021 11:45 AM
In-Person - Horseshow
Aug 17, 2021 11:45 AM
Zoom - SCORE
Aug 24, 2021 11:45 AM
In-Person Surgical Missions in Guatemala
Aug 31, 2021 11:45 AM
Zoom - Northwestern Michigan College
Sep 07, 2021 11:45 AM
In-Person - American Rescue Plan Act
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