Rotary Club Meeting Notes

After a few tech difficulties with the Zoom meeting Rotarians, President Mark rang the bell and the last meeting of the Summer of 2021 commenced.

God Bless America was sung, the Pledge of Allegiance recited and Sakura Takano offered up the Gratitude and Reflection moment. 

Nick Beadleston introduced visiting Rotarians and guests with his unique Nick Beadleston style.

Club announcements included:

New Member:

Marsha Minervini introduced Tawny Hammond. Tawny is a Michigan native and is the president of Wind Dancer and owner of The River Outfitters. Both organizations prioritize community partnerships and natural and cultural preservation. Tawny also serves as the National Director for Learning Advancement for Best Friends Animal Society. With a full resume of success, Tawny has worked with both the Fairfax County Animal Shelter in Fairfax County, VA and the Animal Services in Austin, TX. Due to her dedication, both shelters boast of a 90% and 98% save rate for animals who came through the doors. Tawny lives in Traverse City with her spouse and their pup Rosie. Welcome to the club Tawny.

An update from the Good Works Grants Committee: 

New Good works Co-Chair Miriam Owsley pinched a hit for committee Co-Chair Ben Whiting to announce the grant recipients for this quarter. They include:

The Friendship Community Center and Leelanau Investing For Teens (LIFT): $2,500 for roof maintenance

National Alliance on Mental Health (N.A.M.I.): $1000 for virtual learning equipment

Traverse City Fencing Club: $830 for flooring, with the condition that the grant be matched by individual donations

Kids on the Go: $500 for program expansion and materials

These grants total $4,830 of the $5,000 allocated for Q1. The remaining $170 will be pushed forward to Q2.

The upcoming deadline for Q2 is November 5. The committee asks the members of this club to please share this funding opportunity with local nonprofits. Questions can be directed to co-chairs Miriam Owsley or Ben Whiting, and the application can be found on the club website or requested from Kathy Bussell. 


Board nominees:

A special meeting of the Rotary Club was called by Jeff Hickman and Mark Newhouse as nominations for the boards of Rotary Charities and Rotary Camps and Services were announced.

Seeking reelection for a three-year term on the Rotary Charities board are: Allison Beers, Marlene Bevan, and Grey Luyt

Seeking to fill three seats on the Rotary Camps and Services board are Chris DeGood (incumbent) , Katy McCain (incumbent) , Dan Rickard (incumbent) and Cindy Ruzak, 

Elections for the boards will take place on Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021, at the Annual Meeting during the Rotary meeting. We will need a quorum to conduct the elections.

PLEASE attend via Zoom next week. 

Work Bee on Friday:

Matt McDonough announced the Jim Van work bee will be on Friday, Sept. 24 from 1 - 4:30 at: East Creek Reserve. Fence repair and trail maintenance are on the agenda for the day. Matt can be reached at:

40 Under 40: President Mark gave a shout-out to all our Rotarians who recently topped the list as the area’s 40 Under 40. 

Pete Strom: President Mark informed our club that Pete Strom has been granted the status of Honorary Rotarian. Pete has made massive contributions to our club, Traverse City and Grand Traverse County. Anybody who is anybody knows that Pete is a big deal. 

The 50/50 raffle had $50 in it and it went to a guy in a suit! (Sorry folks some things weren’t super obvious via Zoom to know the winner but he does look great in a suit.) Anyway, congrats!

The program for today’s meeting was announced by our always entertaining Art Burkowski.

Glen Chown is the Executive Director for the Grand Traverse Land Conservancy. The Grand Traverse Land Conservancy was a recipient of a Rotary Charities $100,000 grant 30 years ago. The Return on Investment for this organization to protect our land has proven to be a true reflection of the mission of Rotary Charities and has had a huge impact on our region. The Grand Traverse Land Conservancy includes Grand Traverse, Antrim, Benzie, Kalkaska and Manistee counties.

Success by the numbers:

46,000 acres of land protected in our five-county area

149 miles of rivers, lakes and streams protected

42 reserves and 29 natural areas created for public use

The land is protected with conservation easements, land acquisition, municipal assists and technical assistance.

The Campaign for Generations was a six-year fundraising effort with a $7 million goal. The campaign raised $94 million! Impact of this campaign included:

88 total projects

7503 total acres protected which included three lakes

22 new public nature, preserves, natural areas of sanctuaries

26 miles of shoreline on rivers, lakes or streams

6 universal access projects

Acquired natural areas include:

Upper Manistee Headwater (Tapico) of 1288 acres

Maplehurst Natural Area of 389 acres

Petobego State Game Area Addition - 47 critical acres that were 25 years in the making!

Lower Woodcock Lake

Mt.Minnie Nature Preserve - Isthmus between Platte and Little Platte Lakes

The Conservancy’s work is extremely important as we are losing three acres of farmland per minute. They have protected 1552 acres. 

Universal access is a goal for the Conservancy. It is important that everyone have lifelong access to our natural areas with appropriate and safe walkways, railings and ramps where needed. The Conservancy actually has the first universal access canoe launch!

Current projects include:

Finch Creek - an area that has 300-year-old cedar grees

Pyatt Lake

Hickory Forest Natural Area 

Keissel Ridge Farm

Mitchell Creek

Volunteer activities are available with The Grand Traverse Land Conservancy. If you love having easy access to nature and all this area has to offer, there is a volunteer slot for YOU!

The Wheels of Hope certificate presentation was made to Glen. President Mark had the membership recite the Four-Way Test and reminded all to attend our weekly meeting next week! Remember, we need a quorum for the board elections!!

Rotary Charities & Rotary Camps & Services Board of Trustees Nominees 
The Annual Meeting of Rotary Charities and Rotary Camps & Services to include the election of Trustees will take place on Tuesday, September 28th during the Rotary Club of Traverse City Tuesday Noon Meeting.
A membership quorum is needed, so please ALL join us on ZOOM Tuesday.
Members must be present on ZOOM to vote in the election.
Please CLICK HERE to view the 2020 Annual Meeting Minutes
Please CLICK HERE to view the 2021 Special Meeting Minutes 
Rotary Camps & Services Board of Trustees Nominees - the vote will be for three (3)
Chris DeGood (Incumbent) Chris has been a member of the Rotary Club for 14 years. His classification is Civil Engineer. Chris serves on the Rotary Camps and Services Board and has been the RCS liaison to the Rotary Charities Board.  He is involved with the Grant Investigation Teams, Tag Day, and serves as Chair for Kids Free Fishing Day. 
Chris is very excited about the opportunity to continue to serve our Grand Traverse community through service as a Rotary Camps & Services Board Member.
Christopher DeGood (Incumbent)

Katy McCain (Incumbent)  Katy has 10 years of Rotary membership.  Her occupation is Community Development.  She has served a term on the Rotary Camps & Services Board, been the PR Chair for the Rotary Club, served on the Rotary Club Board, acted as the Rotary Club Appointee to the Board of Rotary Camps & Services, served as Friends of the Boardman Dinner Co-Chair, as well as serving on the Membership Committee and the Youth Exchange Committee.  She also participates with the Rotary Show, Bell Ringing, GOREC Work Bees, Youth Exchange recruitment, the NMC BBQ and Tag Day.
Katy states that she served as the Presidential Appointee to RCS and then has served a full Board term as an elected member.  She has seen many changes and new and exciting things happen within her four years of involvement and would like to see them through.  Most specifically what GOREC has the potential to become in our community. 
Katy McCain (Incumbent)

Dan Rickard (Incumbent)    Dan has been a member of Rotary for 25 years and owns The Copy Shop.  He is currently a member of the Rotary Camps & Services Board, has served on the Rotary Club Board,is the Co-Chair for the Christmas Basket program, and serves on the Strive Committee.  He participates with Tag Day, Christmas Baskets, the NMC BBQ, Rotary Show.  He has also participated in Bell Ringing and Kids Free Fishing Day, Friends of the Boardman Dinner and the Property Committee and the GOREC Success Team. 
Dan states he really wants to see GOREC get to a self-sustaining place and help the Discovery Center get to be the community asset we envision.  He notes that he has 4 years on the RCS Board, currently acting as the Vice-Chair, and has a good grasp of what needs to get GOREC to be a self-sustaining educational and recreation destination for the Community.  He has been through getting camp SAKi to a place where Camp Lookout is now thriving, and the rest of the property may become public with the help of Green Lake Township.  He believes he has the experience to help RCS to be ready for the challenges ahead and to keep the properties we “manage” available as assets to the region.
Dan Rickard (Incumbent)

Cindy Ruzak     Cindy has been a Club member for 21 years and is retired from the hospitality industry.  Cindy served as the Chair of the Social Committee and was appointed to the Rotary Club Board for the 2012/13 year.  She has participated in the Rotary Show Chorus, and the Ad Sales Committee and currently serves on the Program Committee, as a Newsletter scribe along with Gratitude’s and Reflections.  In the past she has assisted with water quality monitoring, the Rotary Drill team and as a grant reviewer.  Her other activities have included the Youth Exchange Committee, Tag Day, Christmas Baskets, the NMC BBQ and Munson Manor Dinners.  Cindy has also been involved with numerous other community organizations.
Cindy notes that now that she is retired, she would like to devote more time to the activities she finds rewarding, such as Rotary.  While she has been active in many aspects of the Club, she wants to utilize her multi-faceted life experience in a more focused way by being on the Rotary Camps & Services Board.
Cindy Ruzak

Rotary Charities 

Allison Beers (Incumbent)   Allison has been a member of the Rotary Club for 174 years. Her classification is Event/Meeting Management. Allison is currently serving her second term Rotary Charities Board.  She has also served as Club Appointee to Rotary Charities, Rotary Club President, and on the Rotary Club Board.  She is involved with the Good Works Committee, the Rotary Show, Youth Exchange Committee, 100th Anniversary Committee, Tag Day, Bell Ringing,  the Music Committee and the NMC BBQ in addition to hosting a Youth Exchange Student and serving with the 4P’s for the Club.

Allison states that she has truly enjoyed serving the community and her club as a Trustee of Rotary Charities.  She enjoys the work that she does and hopes that she can continue to serve the club and community.  She noted that it’s been an amazing five years serving already with all of the transition that has taken place.

Allison Beers (Incumbent)

Marlene Bevan (Incumbent)   Marlene has been a member of the Rotary Club for 29 years and has served on the Rotary Charities Board for two terms, she is the incoming Rotary Club President for 2022/23.  Her classification is Audiologist. Marlene has served on the Rotary Club Board of Directors, as Chair of the Youth Exchange Committee, and as Chair of the Good Works Committee, and is a Paul Harris Fellow. She has also participated in Tag Day, the Rotary Show Chorus, the NMC BBQ, Bell Ringing, Christmas Baskets, provided a host family for four Youth Exchange Students and Strive Mentor.  Marlene has also been involved with numerous other community organizations.
She would like to continue her service on the Board of Rotary Charities to assist in the transformation of their giving activities in ways that will further our goal of living “…in a region where people are working together, sharing resources and negotiating differences in healthy ways towards building a thriving, prosperous and fair region.”
Marlene Bevan (Incumbent)

Greg Luyt (Incumbent)    Greg has been a Club member for 12 years, his classification is Attorney.  Greg served as Presidential Appointee to the Board of Rotary Charities 2017/18, and the Board of Rotary Camps & Services 2018/19 before being elected to the Rotary Charities board for the 2019-2021 term.   He participates in the Music Committee, Tag Day, Christmas Baskets, and the Speaker Committee.  
Greg states that his time on the Rotary Charities Board as both an elected member and as a Presidential Appointee has been one of the most rewarding and energizing experiences in his life.  He is continually amazed at the power and reach of this incredible organization, and he has been so grateful to be a small part of the good work Rotary Charities has done in our region over the last 4 years.  He loves working with the thoughtful, engaged and compassionate members of the Board, and feels very fortunate to be able to see firsthand the talent and dedication of the organization’s staff.  He would very much like to continue serving the Board, the organization, the Rotary Club and our community to build on his past experience and continue the growth and evolution of this amazing organization.
Gregory Luyt (Incumbent)
Rotary Club's Tuesday Meeting Please Attend
Rotary Club of Traverse City
ZOOM Only Club Meeting
You're welcome to check-in around 11:45 AM 
The start of the meeting is at Noon.
Tuesday, September 28, 2021
(Same Meeting ID & Password) this will be the same every week)
Join the ZOOM Meeting from your computer
Phone ZOOM Details   
 +1 646 558 8656 
      Meeting ID: 817 2758 9532
Find your local Phone Number if you are not calling from Eastern Time Zone
Rotary Charities & Rotary Camps & Services Annual Meetings
Speaker Chris Uhl will present about community development and Financing 
15th Annual Jim 'Van' 
Work Bee
15th Annual Jim Van
Work Bee
There is still time to sign up and join us tomorrow...
  • Date:  Friday, October 1, 2021, It looks like it's going to be a beautiful day  
  • Time:  1 pm – 5 pm
  • Location:  East Creek Reserve off Mayfield Road       
  • Dress:  Work clothes, work gloves & work boots (Extra gloves will be available)
  • Social Hour 4:00 PM: We’ll wrap up with fellowship and treats!
  • Please RSVP by emailing or calling Kathy (231)-313-0253, you're welcome to leave a message if I miss your call. Please include your cell phone and email address – in the event, we have a rain delay
  • Directions: South on Garfield Road. From the intersection of E. River Road go ¾ mile further and turn left onto Mayfield Road. Mayfield Road is a dirt road. Travel east on Mayfield Road 1 mile. Just across East Creek, there will be a trailhead on the left (north) side of the road. Turn into the trailhead.
In memory of long-time Rotarian and devoted steward of East Creek Reserve,
Julius “Jim” VanEenenaam (1929-2008)
Activity Co-Sponsors
Rotary Camps and Services 
Grand Traverse Conservation District
Rotarians --- We Need YOU!
The entire membership of the Noon Rotary Club of Traverse City has the honor of voting annually for incoming Trustee positions for Rotary Charities of Traverse City and Rotary Camps and Services. This responsibility requires a quorum of our members to be present in order to have a valid vote.
Please mark your calendars for September 21 and September 28 and attend both meetings, either virtually on Zoom or in-person(September 21)
The first is a special meeting of the membership where we announce the slate of candidates for the Charities and Camps boards and accept nominations from the floor, members can participate virtually on Zoom or in-person on September 21st.
The second is the actual vote for board members, which will be confidential and held via Zoom. You must be present at the Zoom Club meeting to cast a vote. 
We need at least 104 of you to attend! Please reach out to your fellow Rotarians and encourage them to attend or sign in to these two meetings - even if they can only attend for the first portion of each. We need you!
Yours in Rotary, 
President Mark
Welcome Tawny Hammond
Say hello to our newest member Tawny Hammond! If you paddleboard, kayak, or sail you may know her as the owner of The River Outfitters and Wind Dancer Traverse City Charters.
But did you also know that she spent decades working in animal rescue? In fact, as Chief of Animal Services for the city of Austin, TX - she reached a 98% save rate for the 17,000 animals that came through the door! She continues to pursue her passion - alongside her business ventures - as the National Director for Learning Advancement with the Best Friends Animal Society.
Please help us welcome her (and her sweet dog Rosie) to the club!
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President Mark Eckhoff
President Mark welcoming new member Tawny Hammond
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Rotary Camps & Services Chair Mark Newhouse
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