The coal dock and associated M-22 frontage is subject to the following deed restriction:

Parcels and associated bottomlands shall at all times be used and will be made available to the public in a non-discriminatory manner, consistent with the reasonable operation of the property, principally as a location for a collaborative water related educational facility or facilities committed to the promotion of historic preservation, the importance of environmental stewardship, the joy of discovery, and the pleasure of water-based recreation. Other compatible subordinate uses shall be permitted in order to support and sustain the principal use.

Rotary also chose to keep one-half of the dock available as a deepwater port for the City on “a short-term, temporary basis” for the benefit of the community under the following additional deed restriction:

The north half of the Coal Dock shall be available and readily accessible from the water on the east and north sides and by land from the causeway for public access, wharves, landings, harbors, docks, and terminal facilities. This area may be used for municipal wharves, docks, piers, landing places and basins on a short-term, temporary basis by the City of Traverse City consistent with Section 151 of the City Charter.