Elmwood FlagRotary’s plans for the property align directly with the Elmwood Township’s plans for the corridor, including those described in the Greilickville Commercial Corridor Sub-Area Master Plan and the 5-Year Park, Recreation, Open Space, and Greenway Plan.

Master Plan

This project and future improvements by Rotary specifically satisfies the 2013 Sub-Area Master Plan for a marina district and attraction the Greilickville waterfront. It also conforms to the specific over-arching goals of the Plan.

Recreation Plan

The dock adjoins Elmwood Township Park, which has recently undergone major renovation and emerged as Greilickville Harbor Park. Rotary’s and the Discovery Center’s presence, especially having the historic sailing vessels in one central location, is recognized in Elmwood Township’s 2013 Recreation Plan as having contributed to the synergies that led to the park’s renovation. The Plan states that “Discovery Center ~ Great Lakes constituent involvement and support were instrumental in designing the park’s amenities and acquiring some of the grants that made the new park possible.”