Club Bulletin

Feb 17 NewsletterThe Rotary eBulletin is produced on a weekly basis by Rotarians. Committee members rotate turns as writers and photographers. Writers are encouraged to not only cover the events of the meeting but also to have fun with the content. Reminders of upcoming events are also an important part of the eBulletin.

Photographers take pics of the speaker, special visitors, and other significant happenings at the meeting and e-mail photos to eBulletin editor. Upon completion, the bulletin is e-mailed to members. On a quarterly basis, the chair develops an assignment list for writers and photographers.

Club Directory

Organizes and produces the Rotary Club directory.

Public Relations

The Public Relations Committee is responsible for the promotion of all internal club activities, presidential and board announcements, and other media relations that include regional newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, and billboards.

Emails are also sent to internet sites, service clubs, social organizations and public institutions. This committee also assists with the copy and photos for the weekly bulletin and the club website. New members are always welcome.


The Technology committee assists with Club meeting technology.


Golf and Pickleball Outing

golfThis committee plans an annual fun-filled member fellowship event held at a local golf course club. Teams of serious golfers pull together in foursomes. However, teams of duffers come out for the fellowship and fun! The winning golf team represents our club in the annual Kiwanis/Rotary “Cherrity Cup.” They compete for bragging rights and the honor of choosing the charity that receives the $1000 prize money, which is generated by each club pitching in $500.

Social Events

The purpose of this committee is to develop, plan and coordinate opportunities for Rotarian camaraderie. Members meet to plan annual events. Planning the event involves choosing the location, entertainment, theme, announcements, coordinating reservations and food selection.


The Sunshine Committee serves Rotarians in times of illness, hospitalization and death by sending cards, making phone calls and providing support by personal visits. Members also assist with the planning of remembrance observation for departed Rotarians.


raffleThis committee coordinates the selling of 50/50 tickets as the membership walks into each weekly meeting. Immediately prior to the featured speaker, the person presiding over the meeting has the winning ticket pulled. As you would expect, the winner gets one-half of the money collected. The 50/50 helps fund the Youth programs which assists the youth in our community. This is a weekly event that many members enjoy and look forward to – some say it also helps Jim Beckett supplement his Social Security!

Birthday Fund

The Birthday Committee collects money from members of the Rotary Club during the month of the member’s birthday. Members making their annual donation may choose to donate to Rotary Camps & Services, which will match donations from $25 to $250, or they may donate to the Youth Activity Fund. Members are encouraged to donate a minimum of $25, but may choose to donate any amount.

J.J. Beckett Access-ABILITY Committee

This committeeHerb on Tag Day provides “grants” to individuals with specific needs & to tax-exempt organizations. Grants are approved for the purchase of equipment or services that they would benefit from receiving, but cannot afford. Applicants submit a grant request, which is reviewed and may be investigated by the members; a decision is then made on the grant amount. Funds collected annually during an event called Tag Day. Committee members are required to work on Tag Day and recruit additional Rotarians to collect money at a specific location in the community.

Good Works Committee

Annually, the Rotary Show raises over $55,000 that the club uses for various “good works” projects. The largest of these projects is an ongoing grant process whereby the Good Works Committee reviews requests made to the club for funds. The committee meets to review grant requests on a quarterly basis, to receive assignments to meet with grant requesters to learn more about their particular needs and to make the awards.