End Polio Now

End Polio NowThe eradication of polio is a goal of the highest order of Rotary International. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded The Rotary Foundation is a $100 million grant, which Rotary will match dollar for dollar over the next three years. This is the largest grant ever given to a volunteer service organization. This committee has been challenged to raise $1,000 per year over three years to meet the grant goal. Brown bag lunches and other activities are used to raise money. Minimal meetings will be held throughout the year.

Vocational Training Team

Vocational Training Team committee members coordinate visits by foreign exchange groups to Traverse City. This cultural exchange, initially scheduled and arranged by the District, allows non-Rotarian young adults from other countries to learn more about Rotary and how we do business in this country. Members recruit host families and businesses to tour as well as arrange transportation and social gatherings for the visiting team members. Meetings are scheduled on a quarterly basis.

Rotary Foundation

This committee educates members about the Rotary Foundation activities and raises money for those activities. Members meet quarterly to develop interesting programs utilizing tools available from Rotary International and member input and ideas.

Wheels of Hope

Wheels of HopeWhat drives Rotary’s Wheels of Hope program? The knowledge that there are no medical treatments in Nigeria for a child who contracts polio. If they live through the disease, they usually completely lose the use of their legs. They cannot move far, go to school, learn a skill or get a job. Forgotten by their families, they live on food scraps to get through the day. With the medical and prosthetic capabilities in the west, the most maimed among us get a wheelchair, becomes mobile, looks us in the eye, gets an education and lives a reasonable life. The simple addition of a wheelchair enables mobility, dignity and a level playing field. The polio survivor has a chance to get an education, learn a trade, find a job, have a family and earn a living. A wheelchair is a transforming event in these people’s lives.

Wheels of Hope is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit tax-exempt organization. The mission is to raise funds to build wheelchairs for the polio survivors in Nigeria. We solicit funds from Rotary clubs, churches, philanthropic groups, and individuals. The board of Wheels of Hope is made up of dedicatedTraverse City Rotarians.

World Community Service

Biosand Filter
Biosand Filter

This  Committee seeks to work in sustainable partnership with the poorest of the poor throughout the world to help them reach personal independence by addressing health, food, personal and educational needs. Through support from our club, Rotary Charities, and matching grants from Rotary International, this committee has raised nearly $1 million over the past 10 years for projects benefiting our global community. Past projects include a playground and sports field for a school in South Africa, Safe Passage in Guatemala City and BioSand filters in the Dominican Republic. Meetings are held bi-monthly for approximately 90 minutes to review projects to support, financial resources, and outcomes of past projects.