You can take Rotary with you, wherever you go.

Use the Rotary Club Locator App

club-finderFind a club meeting wherever you are with the Rotary Club Locator app. Search by city, state, country and meeting day, or by distance from your location.

Features include:
  • A list of clubs in the area
  • Club meeting location, day and time
  • Save details of your favorite clubs
  • Map of the selected meeting location
  • Driving directions to the meeting
  • Club president and secretary contact details and ability save to Contacts (MAP registration required)
  • Ability to add meeting event to Calendar app
  • Donate via SMS to End Polio

You’ll also find information about Rotary International and how to be invited to become a member.

[Note: The Rotary Club Locator app can only locate clubs that have submitted the street address of their meeting place to Rotary International via Member Access.]

To download the “Rotary Club Locator” app for your mobile devices, simply click here.