The Mighty Rotary Chorus
Rotarians that can fa-la-la and do-re-me make up the Mighty Rotary Chorus. While the exact composition varies from year to year, male and female members of all three clubs, as well as some of their spouses and friends work tirelessly to learn the songs and the choreography that fills the stage during the show. Each show kicks off to the sounds of the Mighty Rotary Chorus marching down the aisles singing When the Saints Go Marching In.

Outside Entertainers
Each year several “ringers” are recruited to participate in the show. Local musicians, comedians, and other entertainers graciously and generously donate their time and talent to make the show an even more pleasurable experience for the audience. Over the years, the Rotarians have had the good fortune shared the stage with some really great acts.

Skits, Jokes and Gags
“So a banana walks into the Open Space…” The production team works hard to create topical (and funny) pieces for the show. Events and personalities “ripped from the headlines” of the past year are always fair game in a show that is ultimately part variety show, part social satire, and part community roast.