It is safe to say that our local treasure, the Boardman River, would not be the same without the Rotary Friends of the Boardman Dinner.

Started in 2005, the Gourmet Game Dinner has raised over $130,000 to protect, restore and enhance the Boardman River. This funding has been critical to the long term improvement of the river. Funds raised have helped with everything from stocking fish, erosion control and building new canoe launching sites to raised pathway installation, new signage and fish habitat installation.

This project is done in conjunction with and under the guidance of the Grand Traverse Conservation District’s Boardman River Project. The Gourmet Game Dinner helped fund a study to identify the Boardman’s problem areas, allowing the Conservation District to prioritize and coordinate their projects. The Conservation District is currently working on a historical documentation project of the Brown Bridge Dam project, with funds from the annual dinner assisting with the funding of the project.

“The incredible dedication of all the Rotarians involved in the Gourmet Game Dinner over the years is truly inspiring. Proceeds from this event are critical in support of the Conservation District’s long standing efforts to restore and protect the Boardman River. The game dinner support allowed for a complete update of the Boardman River Erosion Inventory. Since then, successive game dinners have helped not only improve the Boardman ecologically, but also from a user standpoint through the installation of educational exhibits, directional signage, and safer access. Most recently, the 2013 game Dinner allowed for the development and implementation of a plan for a healthier, more diverse riparian zone along 2.5 miles of the newly formed river at Brown Bridge. As Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes once said ‘A river is more than an amenity, it is a treasure.’ The extraordinary efforts of Rotary’s Gourmet Game Dinner Committee to help restore and protect this community treasure are greatly appreciated.” — Steve Largent, Boardman River Program Coordinator, Grand Traverse Conservation District.

Join us September 18, 2017