JJ Beckett ACCESS-Ability Grant

The JJ Beckett Access-Ability grant provides assistance to individuals and nonprofits to overcome limitations caused by a disability and to improve access to a fuller life. The grant is named for the late JJ Beckett, a long-time Traverse City Rotarian and disability advocate. 


Grants help cover the cost of equipment or services that would improve the recipient's life, such as mobility devices, hearing devices, dental services, home repair for accessibility, and adaptive technology.


Rotarians and the community help to raise funds for the grant through an annual event called Tag Day. 


Consideration for assistance is typically between $25-$1,000. Requests with matching funds available will be considered up to $2,500. Applicants may only apply for assistance once per calendar year, and applicants should be prepared to seek support from additional community resources. 


Click here to apply for support from the JJ Beckett Access-Ability Grant


Raising Funds on Tag Day

Through the Tag Day event, Rotary contributes approximately $25,000 each year to the JJ Beckett Access-Ability Committee for grant awards to children and adults with special needs. Every Rotarian is asked to serve at the Tag Day event, held over two days each June, by selling tags to raise money for the Committee for the Handicapped.